Mia’s always been our social butterfly, with hazel sparkles in her eyes and the cutest curly locks. She’s always full of smiles and loves her brother very much. Mia’s a strong willed little girl and handling all these sudden changes very well. Prior to their second birthday the twins started daycare for the first time instead of being home with a nanny. After many colds and ear infections over the first few months, Mia had tubes put in her ears on December 1, 2008. Wow! What a difference that made. Mia was actually healthy for a couple of weeks. Not long after, the sleepless nights, fevers, coughs and colds returned. After many, many visits to Dr. Lindgren’s office and persistence from Casey, a complete blood count was ordered on the morning of March 13, 2009.

NOW THE STORY BEGINS: Healthy Future Pediatrics 3/13/2009, Dr. Lindgren called me at 1:48pm to request that Casey and I come back to his office immediately to review the results of Mia’s CBC. Dr. Lindgren and Tammy both spoke with us regarding the results of Mia’s bloodwork – white blood cells were high, platelets were low and levels of blasts which indicate Leukemia were present! We were shocked, confused, upset and completely ignorant to what that meant. The Dr.’s office contacted Seattle Children’s Hospital for additonal testing – they were expecting us. Casey picked Noah up from school, made arrangements for him and were on the road by 4pm battling “Friday” traffic from Olympia to Seattle. Seattle Children’s Hospital: We went straight to the ER for additional blood tests. We spoke with many doctors/nurses and as the results came back, they confirmed Dr. Lindgrens results. Mia had Leukemia and we would be staying at the hospital to learn more. 3/14/2009, By midnight we moved from the ER to xray and by 1am we were in a hospital room on the 3rd floor(SCCA) finally getting to bed. During morning rounds we met our team of doctors. We were assigned to Dr. Matthew Kutney (the Monday Team Fellow), he informed us that Mia’s diagnosis was High Risk A.L.L. 3/15/2009, Mia had her first Platelet transfusion in the wee hours of the morning to prepare her for surgery: IV port surgically placed into her chest for blood draws & chemo, spinal tap to test CNS fluid for Leukemia cells(Mia tested negative) and a Bone Marrow test in her hip (90% of her Bone Marrow was leukemia cells). 3/16/2009 Casey and I decided on standard treatment for Mia and Chemotherapy began at 6:40pm. Chemo will typically include I.V. treatments, shots, steroids, lumbar punctures, pain and nausea meds. At this point, treatment does not include radiation or bone marrow transplants. She will have blood transfusions to help keep her blood counts up during treatment.